outlander season 3

outlander 3

Banjo Man and I are binging this season of Outlander.  We couldn’t wait for the dvd to go on sale, so we took advantage of a free introductory week of STARZ on Amazon.  Now the challenge is to watch the entire season in one week.

We’re doing our best.

Much of the early episodes in this season take place in Boston in the 1960’s and it is great fun to recognize the clothes and the hairstyles.

And there is quite a bit of steamy sex (don’t say I didn’t warn you).  Jaime and Claire can still get it on, twenty years later.


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2 Responses to outlander season 3

  1. sharon says:

    Can you tape it to your DVR and watch it later.

    • We’re using amazon prime, so it’s available all the time. And no, we can’t dvr it. The STARZ channel on Verizon might be free from Nov 10-20 but it’s hit or miss when Outlander is on. You could dvr that, though.

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