These arrived in the mail yesterday.  Flavored pumpkin seeds from Dancing Mandolin Player!  What a lovely surprise.  I felt so very loved.

And last night my friend Barb called.  “I made you something,” she announced.  “Can I bring it over?”

It was 8:15 PM.  Cold and dark and pouring rain.  But she drove over to bring me a present.



A little apple pie with the best crust in the world.

I couldn’t believe it.  But actually, I could.  Because Barb is like that.  I’ve known her big heart since I was a skinny thirteen-year old.

This has been an incredibly stressful month.  Mom is back at her assisted living home, but requires special care three times a day.  I’m up early and in bed late.  Banjo Man drives me there at 10 PM each night.  He has made friends and joins in on the nightly conversations in the 2nd floor social area while I attend to Mom and get her ready for bed.

I’m really grateful to my friends who have called and emailed and planned dinners out, who have offered future lunches and listened to my frustrations.

My brother and his wife gave me a gift certificate for a long, lovely massage.  I cannot wait.  I’m debating about doing it before Thanksgiving or after.  But I’m looking forward to it, believe me!

My daughter, a skilled nursing assistant, will take over Mom’s care on Thursday.  I am so lucky to have a CNA in the family and it is a relief to know “Grandma” will have the best of care from now on.

Banjo Man had planned an overnight getaway for us this weekend, but it is going to rain.  We were planning to go to Portsmouth, NH and spend a day roaming around the shops and eating seafood and exploring a town we’d never seen.  We are hoping the weather forecast changes so we can get in the car on Saturday morning and take a little time off.

I’ve been cranky and whiny.  Yes, I admit it.

But who can stay grumpy while eating pumpkin seeds and apple pie?

Not me.




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