hanging in there

Sam and I are not having a good day.  The five-year old and I had plans to make ice cream, eat mini-cupcakes, curl up on the couch and watch Thomas the Train episodes on Netflix this afternoon.

Instead a major storm hit in the middle of the night.  We’d lost power at 7:30 this morning (thank goodness I’d had a cup of coffee first), which returned after 9:00, much to our joy.

I texted Sam’s mom:  you might not want to drive over in this.

And then Banjo Man said, “Have you seen the tree?”

He pointed out the living room window.


He hurried outside to get a better look and sure enough, the tree had fallen and was resting on the power lines next to the transformer.

As my grandson would say, “I can’t like this.”

With wind gusts at 60 mph, we don’t expect this tree to stay up.  And when it goes, the power lines go with it.

The electric company won’t be sending anyone out until the winds die down, due to this being a “bucket truck” repair.

We’re stuck at home until this tree has been removed.  And that’s okay, because it could be worse.  The bridges are all closed, meaning a lot of people are (a) stuck in traffic or (b) unable to get home tonight.  The airport has cancelled all the flights.  The trains along the northeast corridor have been stopped, due to trees along the tracks.  The local radio station is operating on a generator, as is one of the hospitals.

There are lots of trees down.  And on top of peoples’ houses and cars.

And the meteorologist on the radio just said, “The worst is yet to come.”

(As I was typing this a huge gust of wind came up, the tree bounced a few times on the wire and then a huge branch broke off and is now blocking the driveway.)

I’d better hit SEND!






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2 Responses to hanging in there

  1. Tom F says:

    Best wishes as another storm hits your area. What a mess. Remember Glen has vast experience in taking down trees but with the passage of years he probably needs a supervisor, at least I would.

  2. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Oh, my goodness. Makes my ceiling leak seem quite minor. Take good care and don’ t go near the tree. Here’ s to some ice cream and cupcakes in the near future. P

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