coughing in austin

Yes, that’s what I’m doing here in Texas.  Banjo Man headed home yesterday and we are hoping that neither he or Son Will gets this nasty virus.  Son Ben and the Funny Grandson are both sick with the same thing and on antibiotics.

Sometimes I think Texas is a very, very germy state.  The last four times I have been sick was because of Texas.

Oh, dear.

I went to a local walk in clinic on Monday.  They have beautiful state of the art clinics here, by the way.  Probably because everyone is always sick.  The doctor said I had a virus (acute upper respiratory tract infection), prescribed some codeine cough syrup and seemed bored.  An hour later I had a massive head cold. Or is it a sinus infection?

I was clearly not getting on a plane Tuesday afternoon.

This is not fun.

I would feel better if I had antibiotics, so if I don’t feel a lot healthier tomorrow I will head to another clinic and beg for some.

I really want to feel better and fly home.  ASAP.  Son Will is taking good care of me but I don’t want him to get this virus either, so I stay in my room tucked into bed with tissues, tea and my Kindle.  I am quite cozy.

Back in Rhode Island, Banjo Man is preparing for another snow storm.

Other news: thank goodness the Austin bomber  is no more.  That was the good news this morning, though we’ve been warned there could be more packages out there.

Time for a  nap.  It’s a beautiful day here and I wish I could take a walk and enjoy the sun.  Maybe tomorrow!




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2 Responses to coughing in austin

  1. Ellie says:

    I am so sorry that you are sick along with most of the family. I might say that being around crowds in the thousands could be the reason. Austin seems to make you and Glen sick on most visits. 😢
    I hope you can get an antibiotic, soon. Rest well my friend….sending love from Hope💖

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