texas quilters and a september show

This was how I spent my first Saturday in Austin while Will was at work across the street.  The Palmer Events Center is right across from  Terry Black’s BBQ and Will’s smoking “pits”.  After a morning of heavy rains and thunder, I took a cab to the quilt show.


Texans have a long quilting history.  It must be part of their DNA.


Love the colors.  I’d like to make one of these.  I made something similar for son Tony years ago and it was quite a challenging process.


A closer look at the quilting.  So perfect.


She took her grandmother’s unfinished quilt top and quilted it.


Wouldn’t this be a beautiful rug?


I’d like to make this, but in different colors.  Maybe in pastels or blues for a baby quilt?


Wine bottles!


Elk.  The precision of the flying geese borders was beyond belief.


Rare and beautiful hand-quilting on a vintage quilt.


Oh my goodness.

I’ve never entered a quilt in a show, and probably never will.  I make too many mistakes when I’m quilting and worrying about them would take away the enjoyment of sewing.  I stitch for relaxation, for fun, for the happy feeling I get when giving quilts away.  So I am in total awe of those talented quilters who create perfection.  And then let all of us study, enjoy and be inspired by their work.

What a treat to be in Austin for the show.




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3 Responses to texas quilters and a september show

  1. Marge Fridrich says:


  2. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Holy Cow! (A little Texas cattle humor there)…the points, the triangles, the precision…yikes! Lucky you to see it all!

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