root beer and pancakes


It’s good to be a grandmother, especially when my daughter-in-law says, “He can eat anything he wants!” and believes that grandmothers should be allowed to spoil their grandsons.

I’m very good at that.  It’s one of my super powers.

So on my last day in town, the Funny Grandson (who didn’t have school) arrived at the condo to spend the day with me.  He requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast, so we walked up the street to the Magnolia Cafe for breakfast.


It is the Funny Grandson’s favorite place in Austin.  He loved it when he was a baby and he loves it now.

Breakfast was consumed at a relaxing pace.  He explained he was happy he didn’t have a younger sister after all and listed the reasons.  We discussed Captain America.  And Thor.  And Halloween.

Then we strolled down South Congress for a while.  We stopped at the new hotel and discovered the fountain in a hidden patio.  We went to the bank (Grandma needed cash) and snagged a free lollipop.  We checked out the fire station and admired a few dogs strutting beside their owners.  Then we returned to the condo so he could build his birthday Lego sets.

Later that afternoon we headed back to the Magnolia for root beer floats.  Tradition!  And he ordered another blueberry pancake.  Just because he could.

After his father arrived and we all had dinner, it was time to say goodbye.  I reminded the little guy that I would see him next month when he comes to Rhode Island for Thanksgiving, but that didn’t seem to console him very much.

It didn’t help me much either, come to think of it.



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