this and that

Just a few odds and ends to mention on this cold January morning:

We’re expecting our first big snowstorm Saturday night.  When and if the snow turns to rain is the big question and will determine how many inches of snow will need to be plowed from the driveway.


The Funny Grandson called last night to excitedly report a sighting of an osprey fishing in a creek in his Texas town.  He watched it for quite a while.  As you know, he is interested in all “birds of prey”, but especially enjoys the ospreys that nest near the lake house.


Remember him from last August?


Here’s something to make you shake your head:  Son #1, who teaches Advanced Placement U.S. History, brought his cd player into class last week.  More than a few of his students asked, “What is that?”


Oh, dear.


136 days until summer.  Who cares about snow?  Not me!



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