happy birthday to will


Aboard the Captain Morgan in Mystic, CT last month.

I call this “Will’s running for President” photo!  Let’s hear the speech, Will.  We’re waiting!

He’d rather go fishing.


I call this Will’s “Hippie Texan Goes Fishing” photo.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Son #2, who brightens our world in more ways than I can count.


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2 Responses to happy birthday to will

  1. Pat says:

    Happy Birthday, Will! You’ve got my vote.

  2. Ellie says:

    Happy Birthday, Will! Glen and Kristine, you have raised a very kind, caring, loving and sharing son. I feel so grateful to have had him be our son, Jeremey’s best friend growing up in Hope! What great memories they share! Will makes our world a much better place! Sending love from your Hope tribe💕

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