I know we’re late to the Fargo party, but this series is keeping us entertained now that football is (almost) over and there is nothing on television.  Thank goodness for HULU.

The Bachelor is unwatchable this season.  I am left with BELOW DECK on Monday nights and SCHITT’S CREEK for half an hour on Tuesday nights.  That’s an hour and a half out of the week.

I also really enjoy those Nazi-hunting documentaries, along with shows about abandoned buildings around the world and their secret histories.  Banjo Man is not so enamored.  I’ve also discovered a new show called TAKEN AT BIRTH, where people are searching for their birth parents who were told they were born stillborn and then sold to adoptive parents by an evil doctor.  True story.  The research is fascinating.  I love shows with research.

But, back to FARGO…

We’re in the middle of season 2.  Endlessly violent and laugh-out-loud funny.

And sometimes Banjo Man makes popcorn.


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