the wire

Better late than never.  This was a huge HBO hit from 2002-2008.


HBO is giving free access to many of its hit shows during the pandemic, and THE WIRE is one of them.   You can check out HBO NOW to stream it.

We’re in the middle of season 2 and we can’t get enough of it.  It’s a stressful show to watch (sort of the anti-Hallmark Movie Channel) but we love the characters.  I worry about everyone, from my favorite policemen drinking too much to a beloved drug addict to the strangely sweet and brutal character who robs drug dealers for a living.

I have to remind myself they’re not real people and I don’t have worry about them, but it’s not easy.

We are so glad we don’t live in Baltimore.

We are glad we’re not dock workers, drug dealers, kids growing up in the projects, or policemen.

We are glad we live in the country and can go outside without worrying about bullets or car thieves or trash.

And..we’re learning a new language.  When we hear a particularly intriguing and colorful statement from one of the drug gang, we repeat it to each other until we get the accent right.

And because we’re quarantined, and because the threat of the Evil Virus hovers over our lives, repeating strings of X-rated language in the privacy of our own living room is highly satisfying.




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1 Response to the wire

  1. Connie Burkhart says:

    I’m watching The West Wing. Never had time for it before. I only have two seasons left, so I’ll look for this on Netflix.

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