last week’s tv and covid vaccines

Banjo Man received his Covid vaccine February 8 and I got mine last week, on the 24th.  Oh, happy day!  I was nervous and expecting side affects, but a sore arm and a small fever was all I had to show for it.

Piece of cake.

But until the end of March we are practicing Safe Vax, as in waiting for the recommended two weeks post-vaccine (after our second doses mid-March) to feel invincible and free.  Which means the daily question:  what are we watching tonight?

HELL’S KITCHEN has returned to Fox on Thursday nights, bringing great joy to Banjo Man.  A less-than-wonderful season of BELOW DECK has wrapped up and I’m glad.  THE BACHELOR has been full of bullying and mean girl drama, so we are sick of it.  I hope they cancel the show.  Stick a fork in it, it’s done.   We know who he picks, they’ve already broken up, and no one cares.

Which brings us to Amazon Prime and Netflix…

I’ve written about The Tunnel before, but that was before we’d watched all three seasons.  It was a wonderful show and we loved the characters.  It’s violent and sad, so be prepared.  At first I was worried about so many subtitles, but it quickly becomes more English-speaking and easier to follow after the first episode or two.  The first few episodes of Season 1 are a bit slow, but the characters develop quickly and the suspense never stops.

I do have an issue with British police detectives roaming around scary places in search of evil serial killers without having a gun.  There is a tendency to open doors and step into caves and tunnels without being armed.  So either British (and often French) police are super brave or insanely foolhardy or the writers got lazy.  I don’t know, but I loved this Amazon series despite those bits.

Also on Amazon:  Martin Freeman (of SHERLOCK and FARGO fame) is brilliant as a police detective who risks his career and his reputation to catch the killer of a missing woman in Wiltshire.  It’s based on a true story, which I always enjoy.  This 3-part drama skips the violence and murder and starts at the search of a missing girl.  The Wiltshire police do not come off well, but the mother of a missing girl who never stops campaigning for better laws and justice for her daughter?  She’s a hero.

IMPOSTERS is Banjo Man’s current favorite.  Labelled a “dark comedy” when it appeared on Bravo in 2017, its two seasons now stream on Netflix.  The writing is clever (great dialogue), as is the plot.  A beautiful young con artist sets up men to fall in love with her.  Once they’re married, she strips their bank accounts and takes everything they own.  She disappears, on to the next victim.  The fun begins when her last three victims join up to find her.  In the meantime she’s now attempting to con a very dangerous man.

My absolute favorite show of the winter has been the PBS remake of ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL.  After having owned a Pekingese, we watched the episodes with the pampered Peke Tricki-Woo with great joy.

Last week Amazon Prime and our Samsung Smart tv stopped communicating.  I did some research in an attempt to fix the problem, but learned that older (2016 and earlier) Samsung tv’s need newer firmware for Prime, but neither Prime nor Samsung supply it or care.  The solutions are to use another device to connect to Prime streaming or buy a new tv.  But since I am the Queen of Tech Supplies, I rummaged through my precious bin of cords and devices to retrieve an almost-new Amazon Fire Stick.

Banjo Man is always in awe of all things techie and, from his cozy nest on the couch, declared his shock, awe and amazement at such basic skills.  Hilarious!  The downside?  I now have four remotes to juggle.

And that’s all the news from the couch.


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4 Responses to last week’s tv and covid vaccines

  1. Cynthia Fitchett says:

    thanks for the great suggestions for our pandemic TV watching. Here are a couple that Tom and I have enjoyed and are enjoying; on Amazon–Burn Notice, a rerun of a successful series that is just fun to watch. Also–we have watched all the episodes of Wanted, on Netflix–two women who are totally different get into some trouble, but somehow they keep escaping. And–we too have a Firestick which works better for us than our new Smart TV, which is definitely smarter than we are!
    Cyn Fitchett

  2. rbnorth66 says:

    I loved All Creatures Great and Small. If you like The Tunnel, you should watch the Johan Falk series. It starts out slow too, but it’s a thriller by the time you get to last few episodes. It’s so good I have watched it more than once.(Beware, lots of violence) Thanks for the other suggestions. We can’t stream anything, but there’s a possibility that will change this spring.

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