an elderly loved one speaks out

It has been somewhat shocking to me that in this time of Covid, Banjo Man and I are in the category of “elderly loved ones”.

This past year people were urged to check on their “elderly loved ones”, to bring us food, to give us rides to the doctor and to the grocery store.

Now folks are being urge to get the vaccine in order to protect their elderly loved ones.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I think it’s wonderful to help out our elderly neighbors and assorted loved ones, but I had no idea that Banjo Man and I had achieved such status.  We don’t feel elderly at all.

Last May Angela brought us toilet paper and tulips, but I know she didn’t do it because we were her “elderly loved ones”.  Or at least I hope not.

Fact:  You can never have too much toilet paper or too many tulips.

Which leads me to other new, trendy phrases I find annoying…

“Spill the tea.”  Look, whatever you call it, it’s gossiping.  Spilling the tea may sound refined and genteel, but the people who say they are doing it–or about to do it–sound very mean, as if they relish being nasty.  And yes, I’m talking about you, people on television!  And people on blogs.  And the god-awful Twitter.

“Speak my truth”.   As opposed to what?  I wince when I hear this phrase because I suspect something whiney or preachy is going to be revealed.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love autobiographies, from Billy Joe Shaver to Sammy Davis, Jr, and as a child read every single biography in the elementary school library.  So, please, simply tell me about yourself.  Or better yet, show me.  Keep your “truth” to yourself and let your behavior illustrate the kind of person you are.

“Unpack”, as in unpacking one’s feelings.  Or issues.  I thought this was clever when I heard it the first time.  Nicely visual, in fact.  But the tenth or hundredth or thousandth time?  No, thanks.  Deal with your issues and unpack your suitcase.

Now that I have that off my chest…let’s celebrate the vaccines!!!  And the return to normalcy!!!

I’ve been in and out of stores these past weeks and it’s so obvious that people are much more cheerful.  So many strangers have wanted to chat with me as we stand in cash register lines or pause in front of a row of canned goods at the grocery store.  At an appointment this morning the doctor wanted to discuss Idaho’s wolf population in great detail.  I smile behind my mask after every conversation.

We get our second round of vaccinations next week.

We’ll try not to break a hip when we do a happy dance.





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4 Responses to an elderly loved one speaks out

  1. Phyllis says:

    Ha! I remember when Mom was in her mid 80’s and went to the nursing home to play for the “old folks”.

  2. Ruth A Gobeille says:

    All this time I thought “elderly” meant my husband’s parents – they’re 98! Heck, I can still cut a mean rug to Billy Idol! Isn’t 73 the new 40???

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