pulling a plug

No, we’re not moving off the grid, though if Banjo Man has his way his cabin will be successfully off the grid by the end of September, 2021.

We’re not cutting the cord, either.  I did the math on removing cable tv and we wouldn’t save all that much money, though if it was up to me I would happily exist with streaming content only.

It has taken two years, but I have finally convinced my husband to agree to eliminate one of our land lines.  In other words, the home phone is soon to be no more.

6609,  you know who you are and your days are numbered.

90% of the calls are spam and there are at least a dozen a day.  Only four people call us on that line.  We love those four people a lot, but I’m sure they can (a) dial one of our cell phones or (b) dial Banjo Man’s landline office number.

It ends in “1237”, in case you are confused about how to call him.  Feel free to dial that line at any time.  We are here.  We are always here.  We are rarely anywhere else but here.

Speaking of phones, I have also convinced my husband to switch to an I-phone.  I’m arranging it for him today, immediately after I get my second vaccine shot.  “Kyle” at Verizon Wireless is standing by.

I don’t know what is happening this week, but Banjo Man is uncharacteristically compliant.

I tested this by arranging a large display of Easter candy on the kitchen island yesterday afternoon.  We have not had Easter candy in the house in fifteen years.  He thought it was great.

He thought it was great?????

I think he has his eye on a marshmallow rabbit.

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1 Response to pulling a plug

  1. Ruth A Gobeille says:

    You are a wizard!!! Congratulations!

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