a very good deed indeed


This tree is a lot bigger than it looks in this photo.

Last week I confided to my friends–we were having our first Ladies Dinner and celebrating neighbor Yvonne’s birthday–my worries over Banjo Man and the downed tree project.

He had made four cuts earlier in the week and it had completely exhausted him. Completely.

The guys in Texas were anxiously waiting for June and the chance to help, but none of them had ever manned a chain saw.

Which meant I needed to tiptoe around Banjo Man’s ego and somehow get help. I was worried, really worried, that this project was bigger than my guys could handle.

In the meantime, it was very difficult to get down to the beach. Practically impossible without a walking stick, sturdy shoes and exceptional balance. I had two out of three.

Help came from one of our neighbors, who offered to take care of it after Yvonne explained the situation. And take care of it he did.


Can you believe this???? He wouldn’t accept any payment, so I made him a large pan of enchiladas, with brownies for dessert.

It didn’t seem like enough.

Banjo Man was so relieved. He admitted he wasn’t up to the job and didn’t know when or if he would be. The “radiation realizations” are coming fast and furious now and he is learning to be realistic as to how much he can accomplish in a day…or an hour.

I am taking my coffee down to the beach this morning. Because I can! Finally!

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5 Responses to a very good deed indeed

  1. Ruth says:

    Hooray!!!! Great news!

  2. Marge Fridrich says:

    I must have made a mistake.

    Removal of tree- – – such a gift.

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