the eagle has landed

Banjo Man is back in town.

And yes, he was holding forth on the dock tonight.

About Nebraska football, circa 1963.

I left the house at 8 AM today.  I remembered my violin, library books, music, camera, phone and purse.  But forgot coffee.  And breakfast.

No problem.  I stopped 90 minutes later for one of those evil sausage biscuits and coffee with real caffeine.  I needed the boost to drive the rest of the 100 miles to the airport.  Picked up Banjo Man, who was starving.  In fact, he was so hungry he wanted to go to one of those fast-food taco places.  He ate four tacos while I memorized the words to “The Blues Come Around” and drank Diet Coke.

Back home again, I had a short music lesson with Doug (the mandolin and guitar teacher who also helps our Chick Band arrange music) and learned some new fiddle riffs.  Then I met with Fiddlin’ Fred for a few minutes and he played some ragtime guitar for me.  Very impressive.  Tomorrow night is band practice, so I need to spend a few hours away from peach-pie-making to learn the new techniques.

While we were in town, we went to the grocery store and the library, and then I had my vision checked with “Dr. Julie”, an opthamologist with quilts hanging all over her offices.  They were gorgeous.  And I might need new glasses.

Then we headed home to the lake, where J&A (remember our newly engaged couple about to be married in a few weeks?) waited.  Jeff (he said I could use his real name) and I worked up a few songs between the fiddle and the guitar, and then Banjo Man joined us with his you-know-what.  Angela (she also said I could use her real name) pretended to enjoy it.  She’s a good sport.  🙂

Angela likes brownies, Woods’ sausages and breakfast at the Pack River Store.  She has a killer competitive streak when she plays dominoes and takes no nonsense from Banjo Man.

I hope she comes back again next year.

The four of us packed up wine, goat cheese, Wheat Thins and potato chips tonight and sat on the dock for an hour or so to enjoy the sunset.  Then it was back up the hill for beef stew, leftover enchiladas, pie and brownies.

Oh, and three rounds of Mexican Train dominoes.  Banjo Man won, and he will never let us forget it.  Angela intends to destroy him.   Round 2 tomorrow, after band practice and strawberry cake.

I love August.

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