bluegrass jam, strawberry cake

Look at this happy couple.  One month from now they will be married.  I think they were writing their wedding vows while they were down on the dock this afternoon.  Or maybe they were napping.  Here they are enjoying the bluegrass music.

While they were involved with “for better or for worse” details, Banjo Man and I went to the dump, which automatically means going to The Pantry and eating ice cream for lunch.

When we returned, my favorite brother-in-law had arrived!  You know, the one who looks like Burt Reynolds and plays the steel guitar and loves my pies.  He was so happy to be back home at the lake.  He missed band practice last night, but he worked on some of the new songs with us this afternoon.

It was a big day here.  A historic day.  Because….the Peach Man finally had Alberta Freestones!  I bought 2 boxes of them.  And a box of another kind, because they would ripen faster.  I don’t want to wait 3-4 days to eat peaches again.   I think I bought 100 peaches.  I hope I bought 100 peaches.

Tomorrow I will try a new peach-ripening technique I read about on a peach farmer’s blog which involves tea towels, linen napkins and a lot of counter space.  If you have recently bought 100 peaches too, you may want to check it out:

After I filled the trunk of the car with fruit, we went into town to the weekly bluegrass jam held at a coffee shop owned by the Band Chicks’ mandolin/guitar/singing teacher, Doug.

It’s hard to get a clear picture of him because he is always in motion.  The Band Chicks love Doug.  We really do.

Meet Betsy.  She can really play that autoharp.  I had one of those in 5th grade and loved it.  Maybe it’s time to revisit 1961 and try again.

And this is Brady, who is 15 and plays a mean fiddle.  He started playing when he was six, which is better than starting at age 56 (Brady is smarter than I am).

All the music made us hungry, so I herded everyone back home and fired up the grill.  Remember I told you that Angela loves Woods sausages?  Well, I made her heart beat faster by grilling 20 or 30 pounds more  of them tonight.

During dinner we heard a voice calling our names from the road.  It turned out to be our drunk friend from town, Patty, and her patient and amused son-in-law.  Patty had been drinking Bud Lites at a nearby restaurant and the beer obviously went to her head.  When she escaped her husband’s 70th birthday party, she made a beeline to our house, her son-in-law hurrying behind her to keep her from harming herself.  And oh, do I wish I could put this on youtube, especially as her grandchildren screamed “Save Nanny!”

After the excitement died down and Patty had been removed from the premises, I forced the entire gang to eat fresh strawberry cake.

And I made them play dominoes.

I won.  Again.

Tomorrow J&A are going to ride in a seaplane, pick raspberries and visit the Farmer’s Market.   And they are going to blog **here** about Wednesday night’s band practice.  With pictures!

Stay tuned.

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  1. Greetings, and thanks for the peach ripening shout-out. In a small world context, I was visiting friends near Clark Fork, Idaho for Memorial Day. First time in that gorgeous part of the world. Lake Pend Oreille left me spellbound; and I think I live in a gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing your fun summer antics and love of life!

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