freak flags and writing

Ben Stone: [to Meredith] You have a freak flag. You just don’t fly it.

I love this movie.  At Christmas the oldest brother brings home a woman who is obviously wrong for him while the family realizes that this is their last Christmas with their mother, who is losing her battle with breast cancer.

No one likes Meredith, the uptight interloper, except goofy younger brother Ben.  And when the two of them have escaped the various dramas going on at the house and are on their way to drinking too much in a local bar, Ben says the “freak flag” line.

I love that line.  I’d never heard the term “freak flag” before seeing that movie.  Now I use it in my head all the time, though.    Like when I look at these:
After the manuscript is finished (except for the final scene), I print out a hard copy and read through it.  I highlight typos, name changes, badly written sentences, etc. and flag the page for correcting on the computer.

Yes, there have been lots of freak-flags in this manuscript.  After I fix the computer copy, I remove the flag and stick it on my keyboard.  It looks like I’m making progress, doesn’t it?
When you’re a writer, making progress is always a challenge.  By the time I’ve finished, this keyboard will look like a porcupine.

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