where did all the little pumpkins go?

There is a reason I don’t work for a florist.  Arranging flowers and creating centerpieces are skills that are way beyond me.

But I saw a picture on a blog of a cake stand piled high with little pumpkins and tiny white lights and some kind of big dark leaves and I thought I can do this!  I have many, many cake stands!

But, alas, I did not have many, many little pumpkins.  It turned out that while we were in Montana and the Midwest and Texas, everyone else bought all of the little pumpkins.  And when I started searching for them, to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece for my mother’s table, they were as rare as Fourth of July paper plates.  I almost bought persimmons instead, but they looked faded compared to pumpkins.  Banjo Man brought home a pomegranate, thinking that might help.  No, I needed bright orange little pumpkins.

I couldn’t let a good cake-stand-centerpiece idea die an easy death, so I made a trip north to a bonafide farm stand.  Across the parking lot, on the other side of the fence, was a wagon with the last of the little pumpkins sprawled across the back.   The owner stood there, waving her arms at two young employees and the pumpkins as if to say, “Get these out of here this morning and bring in the wreaths!”

I hadn’t moved that fast since running away from banjo players at bluegrass camp.

So, here’s the finished product.  I added pine cones from the fallen Storm Sandy trees and leaves from the rhododendron plant at the front steps and walnuts from my mother’s post-dessert offerings.

What can I use for a cake stand centerpiece for the holidays?   Antique Christmas tree ornaments?  Huge pine cones?  Ideas, anyone?

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3 Responses to where did all the little pumpkins go?

  1. Connie says:

    I love it! I don’t have any ideas for the Christmas one though. I do like your antique ornament idea.

  2. Grab a chunk of cotton batting to make artificial snow. Then toss an array of evergreen bows, pinecones, and perhaps a red ribbon or red “berries” intertwined throughout. 😀 I love how your centerpiece turned out!

  3. I never thought of cotton batting “snow”! I have fake red berries somewhere…Thank you!!!!

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