smokin’ hot

Yep, he’s in there somewhere.

2012-12-29 011

Some folks have New Year’s Eve bonfires.  In fact, I’m trying to talk Banjo Man into going to a local event down by the beach Monday night.  I don’t think I’ll be able to get him away from football bowl games, though.  He’s also planning on making pizza and taking down the Christmas tree.

Busy guy, that Banjo Man.

As I’m writing this, we’re due for a snowstorm–the prediction is 10″ along the coast–and it has begun to sleet.

I looked out the kitchen window–I am supposed to be working on book revisions,  but it is much more fun and productive to drink coffee and roam around the house and look out the windows to see if the snow has started.  Guess what I saw?  Banjo Man’s version of a holiday bonfire.

2012-12-29 018Smoke is so festive.2012-12-29 004

Where the heck is that snow????

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