a weekend of movies

Banjo Man has been feeling neglected.

Actually, he’s a very patient man.  No one else would have put up with a depressed, unhappy, miserable, exhausted, stressed and self-pitying writer for all of these past months.

Banjo Man deserves a medal.


I finished rewriting 2/3 of my book at 10 AM Friday.   Then I went back to bed and slept until 4 PM.  It is cold here and my electric blanket is my best friend.  After I woke up and changed into non-writer-bag-lady-living-on-the-streets clothes, I followed Banjo Man around the house.  I’d missed him.  I needed to keep telling him I’d finished the revisions and was no longer crazy.

He was happy to hear that.  So happy he wanted to go to the movies.  He’d been waiting and waiting and waiting for me to finish writing so we could actually GO OUT SOMEWHERE.  So on Saturday we went to the noon show of ZERO DARK THIRTY” and to the 4:00 show of LINCOLN.  Between shows we walked to Applebees for a late lunch.  We both fell asleep during the previews before Lincoln, but woke up to watch the movie.

We really, really enjoyed both movies.

LINCOLN POSTER zero-dark-thirty
Random thoughts:

I wish I worked for the CIA.

I’m glad I don’t have to jump out of helicopters in the dark.

I can’t wait for the next Vince Flynn novel to come out.

It takes a certain kind of genius to write a book and/or make a movie about the passage of a constitutional amendment.

Movie popcorn doesn’t smell as good as it used to.

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3 Responses to a weekend of movies

  1. nancy k says:

    Congratulations! So does that mean its safe to call you? :-). Love you lots.

  2. Yes!!!! I’m a normal person again!!! Love you, too!

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow, a double feature. And they were both great.
    Glad you’re back to normal.

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