well, this was fun!


photo from best-beaches

Banjo Man’s movie weekend continued on Sunday, when he took my mother and I to Newport to see a movie he’d read about in a newspaper he’d perused while waiting to meet a client.


I didn’t think to bring my camera–it’s 8 degrees, on an island, not far from the water so I wasn’t thinking about spending time outside–but I wished I’d taken a picture so I could show it to you.  The 1834 Jane Pickens theatre is one of many gems in Newport.  It shows the “little” movies that don’t get played in the big movie complexes.

Such as QUARTET.

Imagine a luxurious retirement home in a British countryside estate. A retirement home for musicians.

Imagine a retirement home full of aging musicians who have made the decision to keep singing, keep performing, keep playing music, no matter the insults of aging.

quartetquartet 1quarter 2

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3 Responses to well, this was fun!

  1. Ellie says:

    I think a retirement home for musicians would be heavenly!!! What a way to go out!!!!

  2. Connie says:

    Where is this retirement home? Maybe Banjo Man should consider starting one up? We could all retire there. Please tell him to choose the right location. There must be a room with the right acoustics and a very large kitchen for the potlucks. Thanks.

  3. I think Downton Abbey would be lovely. And Mrs. Patmore could cook for us!

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