second annual single malt scotch tasting dinner

2013-02-23 016

Selected for tasting:
Dalwhinnie, 15 year old
Talisker, 10 yo
Cragganmore, 12 yo
Lagavulin, 16 yo
Oban, 14 yo
Glenkinchie, 12 yo
and returning favorite, Laphroig 10 yo


Assorted Appetizers

Traditional Scottish Cauliflower and Cheddar Soup

Hearty Grain Bread

Bibb lettuce salad with Lemon Tarragon Dressing

Baked Seafood Pie with Potato Crust

Roasted Asparagus


Strawberries with Cognac Glaze & Cream

Scottish Shortbread Fiddles

Saturday night was the second annual Scotch-tasting dinner.  Last year it was here, but our driveway has been damaged by the snowplowing and isn’t fit for company.  Banjo Man and I need to move some rocks and get out the shovels.  Somehow we don’t seem to be in a lot of hurry to get out there in the mud and the snow and the ice.  Go figure.

Bachelor Steve (who, he announced, will not be a bachelor much longer–congratulations!!) graciously agreed to host the dinner at his place, so Banjo Man and I brought all of the food.  The cauliflower soup was transported in a crock pot, the seafood pies were preassembled in individual crocks and the asparagus was cooked on site.  The strawberries were soaked in cognac ahead of time, which made it all easy.

One of us drank red wine and one of us drank margaritas, but the other six sipped whisky and gave opinions.  Great fun!!!!!!

Dalwhinnie: mild, one of the favorites of the night
Cragganmore: Banjo Man liked this one the best
Glenkinchie: very strong, definitely needs water
Lagavulin: serious, tastes of “bandaids” and “dirty socks”, but other palates enjoyed the flavors
Oban: always good
Talisker: peppery

Next winter we’re switching it up and testing bourbon.   I’m just about out of Scottish menu ideas.

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2 Responses to second annual single malt scotch tasting dinner

  1. ann says:

    Bet I can guess who drank margaritas.

  2. LOL!!!! You must be psychic.

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