This time I didn’t get out of Rhode Island soon enough.  I was lucky to miss Sandy in October and Nemo in February, but this latest storm?  We’re waiting this one out at home, having delayed our trip to Texas for a few days.

We’re waiting for the snow and the rain and the high winds to stop before we venture into the air.  Banjo Man balks at the thought of sleeping in the Baltimore airport or braving a foot of snow to get to a hotel room.  Been there, done that.

This little guy is waiting to show his new truck to Banjo Man.

2013-02-15 038

And I have a few new trucks in my suitcase.

Tonight we will probably lose our power again.  But we have a plan:  peach margaritas (blended ahead of time, before the 60 mph winds knock down the rest of the damaged trees), candles and some serious practice time with the violin and banjo for a day or two.

dump concert 131

My mother is tone deaf, so she’s heading to the Hampton Inn.

To each his own.

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2 Responses to stalled

  1. Pat Coughlin says:

    Sounds like a great plan. Enjoy! Fingers crossed neither one of us loses power.

  2. Joules says:

    Poor Amber and Ben are just going to hear, “Where is Grandma?” for another week! Wishing you a happy reunion soon!

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