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you never even called me by name

During the eight days of Banjo Man’s hospital adventures, I was treated kindly by many, many strangers who worked for the hospital systems.  And such kindness was very much appreciated. To my bemusement (is that a word?) the women at … Continue reading

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it’s finished!

And so a two-year saga comes to an end.  Water damage from (a) outside storm pipes not draining properly and (b) the upstairs neighbor’s leaking pipe led to the destruction of walls, the floor and two cabinets in our little … Continue reading

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the broken winter is almost over

Our old, tree-damaged front door has been removed and a new one has been installed. Two weeks ago a lot of men showed up to fix things.  I’m not sure why this particular day was selected by two different crews, … Continue reading

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superbowl sunday 2022

Guess who we’re rooting for. I will never be a cake decorator.  Obviously.  But the urge to make Cincinnati Bengals-themed cupcakes was something I Had To Do. I don’t know why.  My sewing room/office smells like a dead mouse.  Maybe … Continue reading

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goodbye to austin on new year’s eve

I asked Will to take a picture of us at the Austin airport.  It was 4:30 AM and I’m sure you can tell who was the most excited about a pre-sunrise flight.  Banjo Man looks stoic but he’d rather be … Continue reading

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waking up in rhode island

It has taken over a week to get my energy back after a busy (and fabulous) summer, an over-long road trip, a heartwarming family reunion and nine days of Austin condo remodeling. And then there’s my Purple Bed, which has … Continue reading

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where am i

I took this last Monday night, October 11th. I was flying from Dallas to Austin and this was the sunset that greeted me a few minutes into the flight. The man in the seat next to me had some less-than-helpful … Continue reading

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friday night lights

Friday night in Texas = football.  And I was there for the Funny Grandson’s flag football game. I flew to Texas on April 1st to see the kids, all four of them.  Will picked me up Thursday evening after two … Continue reading

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easter vacation starts thursday

I have decided to go on vacation.  Just a little one.  Six days, in fact.  Banjo Man declared he was too busy with work to make the trip with me, so once again I will head to Texas by myself. … Continue reading

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nine more days

February is almost over. Let’s party! We’re having another little storm today, but the weather in Austin is improving.  Will has his power back.  Ben’s has stayed on.  Water issues continue, but my Texans are warm at last.  Tomorrow the … Continue reading

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