on the design wall

Spider web quilt

Spider web quilt

I’m a writer, therefore I can think of all sorts of things to do other than writing.

When I should be writing.

Other writers laugh at this.  We all know how we are.  Stephen Pressfield calls it “Resistance”.  Eric Maisel calls it “creative anxiety”.

I call it “resting my eyes from the computer monitor”.

This is a quilt top being made from nothing but scraps.  Last year I pieced together lots and lots of scraps and cut lots and lots of 1.5″ strips out of odds and ends of fabric.  When quilting fabric costs $11.00 a yard, you don’t want to waste it.

Years ago I made a design wall out of a folding screen bought at a yard sale.  Banjo Man helped me with the stapling and it has been a big help when planning quilt designs.  I also use it to block off messes, because cleaning up messes is also a great thing to do when I should be writing.

2013-04-30 034

You can see I make wild, colorful quilts.  My friends and relatives and Banjo Man are not quite sure about these quilts, so when I make quilts for gifts I turn the volume down, way down.  I become absolutely demure.

Sam Taber's baby quilt (front)

Sam Taber’s baby quilt (front)

Sam Taber's baby quilt (back)

Sam Taber’s baby quilt (back)

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