delayed blogging

I have nothing to say.  I have lots of stuff to say.  I have a bunch of photos to share.  I have no time to crop photos and upload them.  I’m sure you are tired of looking at tulips anyway.  I have pictures of a great day with the Little Fabric Princess at Sew Expo.  I have pictures of an apricot tart, my new favorite recipe.


I have a book due June 3, line-edits and minor revisions due on a previous book next week, plus art fact sheets (pages and pages of them) for the book cover and foreign sales due today.

I am up at 4 am.  In bed by 8 pm.  Banjo Man has been installing trim in the basement.  I wear ear plugs and noise-cancelling headphones all day.  I put black out shades on my office windows.  I am jogging and gaining weight and I’m pretty sure I have to give up popcorn.

So now I am going to stop whining and will find a photo to brighten up this post, because I miss blogging every day.

Bye for now.

my running track

my running track

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