2978 miles to summer

We made it.  The Road Trip is officially over, having arrived here at the lake at 5:45 PM Pacific Time.

Everything is beautiful.  Nothing has changed.  Hello, Lake!  Every year I try not to cry when we arrive.  I feel so lucky to have been given another summer  here.  I am so lucky that such a place exists and we actually get to spend long, gorgeous days here with our family (Banjo Man’s siblings, niece, nephew and grandnephews are coming for the 4th of July weekend) and our friends.

I cannot wait to see my friends!    We decorate the 4th of July float on the 3rd, then have a brief band practice.  Hopefully the 4th will be a bit cooler than the heat-wave temps that have it the Northwest.

We started out from Livingstown at 8:15.  Stayed in a Super 8 last night that was surprisingly nice.  Then we drove through the Judith Basin on Highway 200 to Great Falls. We were amazed at how big Montana is.  We’d seen a lot of country we hadn’t seen from the interstate and it was impressive and beautiful.  Wheat fields, hay fields, cattle, horses…and a huge blue sky.

I’m going to be at 8:30 and plan to sleep 12 hours.  Good night!

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1 Response to 2978 miles to summer

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m glad you arrived safely. Good night and sleep long and restful.

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