the day before the 4th

It started out with groceries.  Banjo Man loves groceries.  Look how happy he is.

2013-07-03 001

We also went to Walmart, because it is so much fun to go to Walmart the day before the 4th of July. Everyone knows that, right? I didn’t take a picture, because we had ice cream in our cart. And it was a very hot day. And Banjo Man and I lost each other in the store and were supposed to meet at the ice cream aisle and that didn’t work out because there were, oh, a thousand people in the store.

On to a better experience, decorating the 4th of July parade float.

Everyone was so excited.
2013-07-03 003

At least someone took it seriously.  Mike is attaching “waves” to the float to represent the Clark Fork River.

2013-07-03 005

This woman has incredible decorating skills. She came all the way from Oklahoma to hold the balls.  (And why does she only have one leg? Did my awesome photography skills do a magic trick?  How the heck did that happen?)

2013-07-03 006

Left side. We’re making progress now…

2013-07-03 008

Right side and done!!

2013-07-03 009

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2 Responses to the day before the 4th

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow awesome float. Where will you be sitting?
    Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Last photo, big bow on the right. That’s my corner!

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