friday night: taylor hicks wants what????!!!

I’ll tell you about Taylor Hicks in a minute.

First of all, let me set the stage:

Friday night at Trinity.  On the lake.  In Sandpoint.  Here’s the view from the outdoor deck.

2013-08-10 001 2013-08-10 002

We are gathered to listen to Retired Mountain Lady make her debut with the band “Running With Scissors”, who play at Trinity’s every Friday night. RML has been practicing non stop for weeks.

2013-08-09 016

2013-08-09 006

Connie played the second and third sets with the band and looked as if she’d been playing with the guys for years.

2013-08-09 015

Retired Mountain Man focused on the music.

2013-08-09 012

And then Taylor Hicks and his party arrived.  It seemed they’d booked our table, and we’d been there long enough to eat dinner and move on.  We were banished to the picnic tables on the lawn while most of our group asked, “Who is Taylor Hicks?”

2013-08-10 003

Banjo Man and I knew, due to our extensive knowledge of reality television and many hours spent watching it.   Hint:  American Idol winner.

2013-08-10 016

I wanted a photo for the blog, but Banjo Man begged me to stay away from our former table.   Somewhere directly under the middle blue umbrella is Taylor Hicks, sitting in Banjo Man’s chair.

2013-08-10 004

to be continued…….

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4 Responses to friday night: taylor hicks wants what????!!!

  1. Sharon says:

    What a beautiful place to listen to music.

  2. bella says:

    Tell u what, Taylor would have loved to have met all of you, taken pictures with you and probably join the band with his harmonica if asked!!!

  3. I would have loved a picture, but didn’t want to interrupt his dinner and evening with friends. I hope he enjoyed the band…and the great view of the lake!

  4. medolark says:

    “to be continued…..” Where? Ü

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