forty one south Saturday night

Saturday night Dancing Mandolin Player, her Boyfriend Bob and I went to Town.

That’s right, a Saturday night IN TOWN.  We came down from the mountain, off the peninsula, around the lake and into town.

First stop, a restaurant/resort area called Forty One South to hear our fellow band member and his musician partner sing.

2013-08-24 004

Enjoying the music and a glass of wine.

Bruce and Beth.

Bruce and Beth.

2013-08-24 003

Just another evening in paradise. The view from our table.

Second stop: a play at the Panida Theatre. I’m not sure what to say about the play, except that I’d never seen anything quite like it before. I’ll leave it at that.

Third stop: back home.

There is only one more summer Saturday night left,  which is hard to believe.  Thunderstorms Sunday night brought in clouds and the cool-morning feeling of Fall.

 How did that happen so quickly????

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