travel day, ri to texas

A few random thoughts after a solo trip to Texas:

A gorgeous young woman, with long flowing red hair and a very tight green sweater, caused a bit of a commotion at the security line.  Her “assets” were substantial, and I watched the male TSA agents trying not to stare while trying to remember what their jobs were.  And what their names were.  And what planet they were on.

Meanwhile I was trying not to laugh.

Note: if you don’t want your seatmates to talk to you on the plane, use your pink polka dot micro-bead neck rest immediately.  No one wants to talk to a geeky old lady wearing a neck rest.  (They would rather be seated next to a busty redhead!)

Planes are quieter than they used to be.  People are playing games on their phones and I pads instead of talking. This is pleasant.  Also…remember the pinging sounds that immediately started up the minute the plane landed?  Everyone turned their cell phones on and had voice mails?  Not anymore!  It’s all texting and it’s soundless.  Again, pleasant.

No airport layover would be complete without a trip to the Body Shop to load up on next year’s supply of lip gloss and face cleanser and lip liner.  Buy 2 get 2 free!

The little boy behind me never once kicked my seat or squealed in a brain-shocking high pitch.  He ate chips and candy and made pig-snorting noises instead.  I loved him.  I loved his mother.  I loved the snorting noises.  He was so darn cute.

I need to lift weights.  Lifting my rolling carry on bag into the overhead compartment was a challenge.  It held my laptop, bundles of cords and the printed version of the latest manuscript, plus camera, toiletries, etc.   And that sucker was heavy.  Now I know why I used to keep it under the seat in front of me.

Pilots sound a lot younger than they used to.

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2 Responses to travel day, ri to texas

  1. Sharon says:

    Glad you made it to Austin without the noise pollution of olden days.

  2. Pat Coughlin says:

    Do the pilots sound younger or are our ears getting old?

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