blogging delays and writing days

Yes, you’ve noticed I haven’t posted much.  Since the storm our internet has been running at about 10% speed, if at all.  I think it’s slowly getting better (which is why I can put up this post this morning), but it’s nowhere close to accepting photos.

I have a photo of Bill Kirchen and his guitar.

I have a video of my grandson playing his harmonica.

I haven’t taken many pictures because I’m still working on this book.  And yes, I know you are wondering will she ever stop whining about this book and just finish it????

I wonder the same thing myself.

As does everyone around me.

Be glad you are not around me.

Son #2 brought me a piece of “sweet tea” pie last night.  I wouldn’t leave the condo, wouldn’t leave my computer, wouldn’t let the sunny day tempt me into wasting writing hours, so he went out by himself.  And came back with pie.

It tasted exactly like sugared iced tea.  How do they do that?  When I have time I will google the recipe and see what the secret ingredients are.

Speaking of secret ingredients…last week I made an Italian meat sauce in the crock pot.  It was so good that Son #1 ate four helpings and then had to collapse on the couch in a belly-swelling heap.

I have a picture of that, too, though it is not flattering.  I just tried to upload it into this post, but technical difficulties prevail.

I’ve declared tomorrow a Vacation Day.  Breakfast pancakes in Round Rock with the grandson will start off the day.  Then back to the condo to organize my little Austin world.  If Son #2 can find some music, I’ll let him talk me into going out.

Home on Wednesday.  And then, hopefully, the book will be done.

At last.

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