nebraska…the movie

nebraska film

Banjo Man and Son #2 saw this film in Texas last month and loved it.  They kept waiting for me to feel better so I could go, too, but that moment didn’t come until yesterday, when Banjo Man hustled me out of the house and into the car to make the trip all the way to the Big Suburbs near the airport, 25 miles north of here, to finally see this movie.

I couldn’t believe I was leaving my sewing machine, guitar and violin to go to a certainly germ-filled movie theater where my feet would be cold (Rhode Island has very cold movie theaters).

We were the only ones in the theater for a while.  So we picked the best seats and settled in.  A few other couples straggled in, but despite my cold feet and the couple behind us sniffling, I liked the movie.

Not at first, though.  It’s one of those movies that you have to give some time to.  Let it develop.  Watch the characters.  There isn’t a lot of dialogue.  It’s what is between the lines, what isn’t said.  So what is said matters.

And the road.  Gotta love the road.  From Billings to Nebraska, a road we’ve traveled.  It was all so familiar.  The small town.  The highway.  The faces.  The people.  Bruce Dern was the only actor who looked like an actor, but that was because he was Bruce Dern, and everyone knows he shot John Wayne and was therefore unforgettable.

(I kept wanting to brush his hair.  Why didn’t anyone brush his hair?)

The star of the movie, the star of the story, was the son.

You might think from the reviews, from the trailer, from the ads, that “Nebraska” is a sad story about a old confused man who thinks he has won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, who thinks he has to go to Nebraska to collect his million dollars.   His youngest son finally tires of trying to talk his old man out of walking to Nebraska and drives him, but it’s a challenge.

Okay, that’s onlythe set-up.




That’s what this movie is about.

Click here for more info.

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3 Responses to nebraska…the movie

  1. Sharon says:

    Very nice review of the movie. It was about all the things you said, but I still think it was depressing with a pinch of love/compassion in the end that kept it from being a real downer. Will Forte who played the son was wonderful, as well as, the wife June Squibb. Bruce Dern, meh!

  2. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Agree with the love and compassion part…that was good. BUT…there are a lot of people in Nebraska (and Kansas and Oklahoma…) who aren’t rubes. We didn’t like every character being depicted as a dim wit.

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