if it’s good enough for pablo


Now that the third book of the trilogy is finished, it is lovely to have time to practice the violin again. Christmas is over (although we have yet to put away the tree–maybe next weekend we’ll have the energy, but I’m making no promises) and our travels are behind us. My ears are still plugged and I can’t tell if I am playing in tune, but I am exercising my fingers and working on my callouses, so it’s all good.

And then there’s the sweet little guitar I bought in September. I bought a new capo and tuner today, after having an appointment for a breathing test at the hospital. I’ve been wheezing since our return to Rhode Island, so perhaps I now have asthma.


I can’t get too worked up over it.

There is a new Patty Griffin song to learn. I have the words and melody down, and now it’s time to try it out on the guitar and see if I can actually sing it. This is my idea of a perfect afternoon: rain, music and a new song I want to sing three hundred times.

Banjo Man has 7 quarts of beans cooking in the crock pot. It’s a new recipe from his Texas cookbook, so the house smells like an Elgin, Texas BBQ joint.

Come on over.

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