meeting dr. ruth!!!

I’m still grinning from ear to ear.


More Pie and Dr. Ruth

Banjo Man and I attended the 2nd Annual  Big Book Getaway Saturday, at the Mohegan  Sun convention center.  Sponsored by the Mark Twain House & Museum, the event presented panels of “more than 80 best-selling and award-winning authors” for an entire day of talking about books.


I’m surprised there weren’t thousands of people there.  If I belonged to a book club I would have gathered the club together for an overnight jaunt or a one-day field trip to hear favorite authors speak, buy new books, get autographs and learn about writers and books I hadn’t known before.

I was lucky enough to have been asked by my publisher to participate on the romance panel, which meant meeting writers and readers in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Dr. Ruth started off the day on the Main Stage.  She told about being an only child in a loving family in Germany, then sent–at the age of ten–to Switzerland with 300 other children escaping Nazi Germany.  She never saw her family again and stayed in Switzerland until she was sixteen.  She went to Israel and was trained as a sniper.  A sniper!!!  I almost fell off my chair at that revelation.

Dr. Ruth at age 85 (she turns 86 on June 4, the same day her next book is released) is a lively, outspoken, brilliant, funny ball of energy.

I’d forgotten my camera, so during lunch in a pub Banjo Man and I tried to figure out how to take photos with our cell phones.  We took numerous pictures of ourselves while waiting for the fish ‘n chips (mine) and the Dublin stew (his) to arrive.  Banjo Man was able to take a picture.  I never did.  

0222141229 (1)

But we decided we were ready just in case we were ever close enough to Dr. Ruth to get a photo.

I managed to corner her after the last event of the day–a speech by Debbie Macomber—and get a quick picture.  Cornering people for a photo is something that usually makes me uncomfortable, but I decided to hell with it.  I wanted my picture with Dr. Ruth.

Want to see it again?


Too bad you can’t my see my boots in this picture.  I wore my fanciest pair of cowboy boots…just because.

2014-02-23 001

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4 Responses to meeting dr. ruth!!!

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m amazed you didn’t hurt your back bending almost to your toes to be in line with Dr. Ruth.
    Good for you getting a picture with her. She looks happy to be with you.

  2. Pat Coughlin says:

    Oh, that’s a keeper. And you look so tall. Must be the great boots.

  3. Ellie says:

    Did Dr. Ruth give you any advice? She is tiny. Is that what happens when you have too much sex?
    You look great! I love the way you are wearing your hair. Wish I could have seen the boots.
    What an honor to be on the romance panel. You Rock, Girlfriend!!!

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