running away

Eloisa James and Nina Sovich were on a panel at the Big Book Getaway, a panel titled “Travel and Culture”.  But it may as well have been titled “Running Away and Writing About It”.

These books are waiting for me at the library.  I cannot wait to read them!

Timbuktu paris in love

Nina ran away from her new life in Paris to West Africa, in To the Moon and Timbuktu

And Eloisa ran to Paris, to live with her family for a year.  The result?  Paris in Love


Let me know if you’ve read either one of these?  Or if you’d like to?


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3 Responses to running away

  1. Ellie says:

    My mother, with eight children to take care, would say once in a while she was going to runaway to Timbuktu. I was young and thought she had made up the name. I’m glad she never ran away! Lol
    I will definitely read To The Moon and Timbuktu in honor of my mother!!

  2. Ruth says:

    Running away sounds delightful – especially to a place with a name as wonderful as Timbuktu! Looks like I’ll have to read that one!

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