welcome to the room

Remember this little quiz?

I want to tell you that I have not been blogging because:

(a)  I am busy eating pie.

(b)  I am two-stepping at the Continental Club every night.

(c)  Cindy Cashdollar is my new best friend and she has been giving me lap steel guitar lessons while we drink margaritas together and share stories of life on the road with our bands.

(d)  I have been shopping for vintage Tony Lama boots.

(e)  Emmy Lou Harris told me who does her hair, so I’ve been at the salon.

(f)  Delbert asked if I’d make gumbo for him.

(g) I’ve been online buying a new vintage lap steel that Earl Scruggs’ grandson told me to get.

2014-04-04 003

Before Suzy Bogguss’s show at Opa’s last month, Chris Scruggs let me take a picture of his lap steel (I am endlessly fascinated with who is playing what), which led to a really nice conversation. Chris asked me questions about my lap steel (1950’s Supro) and what tuning I was using (C6). I told him I was looking for a lap steel I could use for a blues tuning. He suggested I look for a Rickenbacker Electro (pre war, with the bigger horseshoe pick up) and told me to use the blues tuning on my Supro and keep the Rick as a C6 (country sound). Because I’d bought video lessons from Troy Henninger this winter, I actually was able to understand what Chris was asking and I was able to sound halfway intelligent.

It was a thrill. He was such a nice young man.

Chris Scruggs with a Fender lap, about to accompany Suzy Bogguss at Opa's.

Chris Scruggs with a Fender lap, about to accompany Suzy Bogguss at Opa’s.

In an Austin music store I was able to play (I use the term “play” loosely) a post-war Rickenbacker and though it wasn’t the super expensive guitar that Chris had recommended, it was light years above anything else I’d ever tried. It was a second-generation Electro, not a first. And it had some issues with the control knobs.

I didn’t buy it, though. Chris had given me an idea of what I could find one for, so I resolved to go on the hunt. I found one at a great price on a guitar forum and it arrived Friday.

My ears are so happy.

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3 Responses to welcome to the room

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m imagining the sound of your new lap steel. It’s wonderful. 🙂

  2. Ellie says:

    You Go Girl! I’m so proud of you for your persistence in learning a new instrument.
    I love the sound of a lap steel. Is it coming out West this summer?

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