waiting for the fox

Banjo Man and I have a new morning routine:  we wait for the fox.

He is a big, fluffy, energetic fellow who trots down our driveway between 7:30 and 8:30.  I didn’t know that foxes could be that big, but after an hour of researching internet images I learned that foxes can be bigger than the ones I’ve seen scurrying off the side of the road while I’m driving at night.

Banjo Man didn’t believe me at first, but then he saw the fox for himself.

And he was impressed.

Our fox is usually carrying his breakfast in his mouth.  A squirrel?  A baby groundhog?

Because we detest groundhogs and squirrels, we cheer for the fox.

I now have my camera next to me here at the desk.

Stay tuned…

 A Red Fox in Denali National Park, Alaska.

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3 Responses to waiting for the fox

  1. Sharon says:

    What will you name him?

  2. ottis winslow says:

    Wish I see him. he . He must be eating here too as I see very few squirrels in the yard.

  3. Ruth says:

    My, he certainly is beautiful – and quite healthy looking! If he was in my yard I’d be putting out steaks and chops for him so he would not eat my friends the squirrels…..and ground hogs if we had some!

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