leavin’ on a jet plane

I have 89,015 things to do before I leave home tomorrow.  

1.  Change the lowest string on my guitar to a different weight.

2.  Unpack the Ipod and make friends with it.

3.  Somehow transfer all the music I own to the Ipod, if it is friendly enough.

4.  Find my grandson’s Star Wars dvd’s, purchased on ebay last month and not seen since.

5.  Make Banjo Man a cd of a new song to learn.

6.  Blog for the authors’ website.

7.  Bring my mother her gift, since I won’t be home for Mother’s Day.

8.  Find the keys to the lake house and the condo.

9.  Laundry.

10.  Print out boarding passes.

11.  Pack frozen oat bran muffins.

12.  Pack vintage fabric for July yard sale.

13.  Watch “River Monsters” at 9 pm.

14. Iron stuff.

15.  Charge the Kindle.

16.  Charge the phone.

17.  Charge the portable charger.

18.  Charge the Ipod.

19.  Figure out how to pack the violin bow with the electric guitar, if such a thing is possible.

20.  Program the dvr, so Banjo Man can relax while I’m away.

I am heading west!  I am heading to the lake!!!    89,015 things cannot stop me now!!!!

2013-09-20 046

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1 Response to leavin’ on a jet plane

  1. Sharon says:

    Have a safe trip and fun time at the lake!

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