waiting for summer

2014-05-14 020

I spent a couple of hours on the beach yesterday. It was warm enough, with a sweatshirt on, to bask in the sun and enjoy the quiet.   As you can see, the lake is still low and there is a wide swath of beach to enjoy.  I’d hoped to see fish and arrowheads (definitely a long shot), but found a rusty spike and goose droppings.   And a “skipping rock” for my grandson, who will someday learn that skill from Banjo Man.

In a few short weeks the family will gather again, and the dock will be happily crowded with chairs and towels and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins and hopefully a third generation, too.  Banjo Man will make everyone laugh with his recollections of life on the farm.

Definitely something to look forward to.

I’m counting the days.

2014-05-14 021

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2 Responses to waiting for summer

  1. Sharon says:

    Did you see the full moon last night? I was thinking of you looking at it over your lake.

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