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tidying up

A couple of weeks ago I saw this book on Amazon and I thought My French Friend Janou would love it.

So first I bought it for myself, to see if it was something she would like, and I became completely, totally intrigued.  I’ll blog more about it in another post, because it deserves some time.  She believes that you should keep what you love, what makes you happy.  And forget the rest.

Say, for example, you own a lot of shoes.  You are to take every shoe you own, from every closet in the house, and put them all in the middle of the room, on the floor.  Then you go through them, one pair at a time, and pick out the ones you love.  You hold each pair of shoes and decide if they make you happy.  (Personally, very few pairs of shoes have ever made me happy, so I only own Free Spirit clogs, a few sandals and cowboy boots).

So I do not need to put my shoes in the middle of the floor.

(But I know I need to do that with my vintage tablecloths.  I know that most of them make me happy.  But not all.)

And then, after you have all the “happy things” sorted out, you have to find a place to store them.  You may not need as big a shoe rack as you thought you did.

She also believes that you need a good reason, a “mission statement” (I’m not sure if she used that phrase or if I am paraphrasing here) to keep you focused.

Well, I’m going to follow the advice in this book because I am tired of not being able to find things.

I toss stuff out, donate to the Salvation Army, haul old treasures to the consignment stores, set up an Etsy Shop, list things on ebay, etc.

And I still can’t find what I want when I want it.

So I’m willing to give this Japanese thing a try.

She suggests starting with clothes, but since I don’t have all that many clothes, I decided to go with kitchen stuff.

I have a 68″ wide, 24″ deep closet.

Here’s the dream:


Here’s the reality:

2014-11-29 001I can’t believe I just put this photo on the blog.

A pie plate fell off the shelf Friday.  Quite a mess.

And a serving platter fell out Tuesday and hit me on the toe.  It is still bruised (the toe, I mean; the plate didn’t break).

I’ve spent all day, since 7 AM, reorganizing closets and cabinets and kitchen cupboards.  I have thrown very few things away, but changing shelves has made a big difference.

Banjo Man says he’ll do anything the Japanese author and I come up with, because he’s tired of years of “I can’t find it!!!” hissy fits.

Excuse me, because I have to go back to reading this book…….

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