a little more marco

marco poster

Banjo Man and I were deep into this series one evening after Christmas.  We had a bowl of blue corn chips and a bag of peppermint bark.  Life was good on the giant couch.

Marco had been riding past the city walls to discover what a beautiful Chinese princess was up to.  After she digs through rocks at the base of the only tree in a hundred miles and hangs a scarf on a branch, she rides like hell back to the Kublai Khan’s city.

And Marco can’t resist sneaking over to that tree and digging up what the princess left.

And then….

a cobra springs at him!!!

Banjo Man yelped.  I screamed and put my hands over my face.  You know, to protect my eyes from the cobra (I blame my reaction on high def television screens).

I smashed my glasses into my face and gave myself a bloody nose and a bruise under my left eye.

Damn that cobra.  Damn high def.

Banjo Man said he felt sorry for me, but he couldn’t stop laughing.

Banjo Man and I really liked this series.  I’ve read the reviews, which pretty much panned it, but hey, everyone has an opinion.

I started reading the book that inspired the series, but discovered that I need a map in order to follow the story of Marco, his father and his uncle’s travels.  Kublai Khan is a great character and I want to know more about that part of history.  It was all new to me.

Story Man collects maps, so I’ll be borrowing one soon.


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