stitching in the new year

I love New Year’s Day.  The parade.  The football.  The food.  The warm house and the sweatpants and the color television and the coziness of knowing I don’t have to go anywhere…

Which means I have all day to sew!!!!!

I dragged all of my sewing stuff into the living room/kitchen/dining room area of the house and made a big, lovely mess.

I can’t show you what I’m working on, because it’s a gift for the new baby girl arriving in April.  I will be a Great Aunt again and that’s pretty exciting.

First thing in the morning, with a fresh mug of coffee in hand, I pulled fabric from here.

2015-01-01 001

(If you think this is a lot of fabric for one woman to own, then I’m glad you can’t see the shelves in the closet or the plastic bins in the basement.)

Hmmmm…..these are possibilities.  I needed twelve different fabrics.  They had to go together but they had to be different.  I ended up using three of these in the quilt.

2015-01-01 003

I can show you these because they are ready to be marked on the diagonal, sewn, and cut apart into half-square triangles.

2015-01-01 002

But because the new baby’s grandparents read this blog, I can’t show you how it turned out.  But the top is finished now (after that lovely, long New Year’s  Day when I was so excited about making a quilt I woke up at 4:45 AM!) and it is basted and ready to be quilted.  And that might happen after I finish typing up this post!

We had strong winds and a bit of snow today, but the weekend will be clear so I’m off to northern Massachusetts in the morning for the annual Writers Weekend in Wilmington.  We laugh and eat and talk about books and writing.  We confess our diet sins and indulge in dark chocolate.  We will brainstorm plots for each other and drink wine.

See you on Monday!

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