in honor of winter…

…I bring you Banjo Man’s Balls.2015-02-15 011Make all the jokes you want.  This is gourmet stuff, folks.

They work.

Do you know what they are, without Googling it????

Want to guess?

Want to brighten up my dreary winter and leave a comment?

There may be a prize.

2015-02-15 012

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10 Responses to in honor of winter…

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m guessing they are for making gourmet ice cubes for Bango Man’s Manhattans?
    Do you put a gourmet cherry in the middle of the gourmet ice cube ball or do you put the cherry in unfrozen to soak up the bourbon for a special treat at the end of the drink?

  2. No, the gourmet Italian cherries are not in the balls, but I will ask Banjo Man if he wants to try that next time!

  3. Sharon says:

    I have another guess. The balls are definitely for freezing.
    What if Bango Man froze his bourbon/whiskey for his manhattan in the balls (with or without a cherry). Then he could put the ball in a fresh manhattan to cool, but not dilute the drink. As the night passed the manhattan ball would melt and give him an extra manhattan.

  4. Pat says:

    My first thought was that they were to keep drinks cold, but on second glance, those look like some pretty big balls. If Glen is drinking Manhattans out of a bucket I’ m headed to your place for the show. I’ll bring my own bucket. (Hope the big balls humor isn’t too embarrassing.)

  5. Mary Burgess says:

    The recipes sound great, I will have to try some of your soups. We are going to watch BOSCH – sounds like our kind of entertainment. Have you seen Happy Valley. We watched it on Netflix.

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