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a good time at home goods

Check out that rust-orange plaid tablecloth. It might be on one of my Thanksgiving tables this year. The ceramic pumpkins returned to the shelf. Just not the right color, though I thought they were cute. But then again, I love … Continue reading

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paranoia or a good idea?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Yesterday morning I drove the rust bucket twenty minutes south of here to Walmart.  FYI I’m in denial over the rust and plan to carefully drive the car through next Tuesday, when the inspection sticker … Continue reading

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i told her to smile

I’m not in the habit of talking to dogs who are shopping with their owners in Walmart, but this funny girl looked very much like Keeley, our daughter’s dog from years past. I knew Nancy would get a kick out … Continue reading

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where did the sweatpants go?

This is not Banjo Man’s new pair of sweatpants, but it’s definitely more interesting. Did someone send it to me?  If you did, please let me know so I can shower you with thanks.  As the cover says, there are … Continue reading

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bread bags and skinny chickens

As we all know, the cost of living has gone up.  Way up.  Grocery shopping is a grim chore, even though we no longer have to wear a mask.  People are experiencing “price shock” in every aisle. Gas is almost … Continue reading

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new kid in the kitchen

This is my new Elite Cuisine Model 4829 toaster.  And yes, this sucker is very long.  It’s designed to toast those long slices of sourdough bread of which Banjo Man is so fond. Two weeks ago our toaster died and … Continue reading

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waking up in rhode island

It has taken over a week to get my energy back after a busy (and fabulous) summer, an over-long road trip, a heartwarming family reunion and nine days of Austin condo remodeling. And then there’s my Purple Bed, which has … Continue reading

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day 2 of the 2021 trip east

Thursday was much better than Wednesday, but then again we had nowhere to go but up. Here’s a deer in the parking lot of our motel. After the non-breakfast in Anaconda and after I pulled myself together, we hit the … Continue reading

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storing up for winter

These are my acorns. With the demise of brick-and-mortar fabric stores in New England–they are few and hard to find–I have been loving my trips to town to a real fabric store. I am loading up. And I have no … Continue reading

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don’t ask why i bought this friday

I will try to explain. It was marked “$9.99” at the animal shelter thrift store. There was a sticker on the cover that said, “Tested”. It was also unusual and shiny and pretty and I wanted to play with it. … Continue reading

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