My critique:



To be fair, some of the lines were funny.  If you were an actor or in show business in any way, you would think those lines were fall-off-the-couch hilarious.

I tried, I really tried, to keep an open mind and not say anything critical about the strange jazz drumming soundtrack or the Flying Mental Illness Bird.

So I kept silent, made jigsaw puzzles on the Kindle and looked at my watch a lot.

I kept Banjo Man company on the Big Couch, and that was my good deed for Saturday.  After all, sometimes he watches “Buying Alaska” and “Fixer Upper” with me.

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2 Responses to birdman

  1. Pat says:

    I didn’t see Birdman and have only a vague idea what it’s about, but I saw an interesting tweet from Greg Gutfeld last night… he said it’s exactly the kind of movie the Academy would reward because it’s All About Them. As for the show itself, I thought Neil Patrick Harris was hit & miss and Lady Gaga knocked it out of the park.

    • I saw 10 minutes of it of the Oscars. Neil Patrick Harris made some lame jokes and The Lego Movie song was so terrible I turned the tv off completely. BIRDMAN was horrible, and if “the Academy” is happy to have actors portrayed as self-absorbed egomaniacs glorifying suicide and mental illness, well, they’re idiots.
      And that’s how I **really** feel. 🙂

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