putting the brakes on

Well, we’re supposed to be in Montana today.

But we’re not.

Last Friday, after taking Sarge to the airport, we heard a bad–a really bad–scraping sound coming from underneath our car.

We think we have a brake problem.  It was a long weekend without wheels, but Banjo Man has now driven the Highlander back into town to hear what a mechanic has to say.  Hopefully it’s a simple brake job and we will be on the road to Billings tomorrow morning.

We’ve thought about leaving the car here for next summer (no more road trips for us because we’ve decided to fly from now on) and buying a “new” (well, not really new) car here to drive home.

Or… buying some extra suitcases and flying home.

We even test-drove a 2013 Honda CR-V Saturday, but we think it’s too small for us, though it was a beautiful car.

In the meantime I have been cleaning and packing.  I have cleaned out cabinets and freezers and refrigerators and closets.  I have washed floors and bathtubs and ovens.  Banjo Man has stored kayaks and tables and chairs.

Busy days here, with or without a car.

UPDATE:  Definitely is a brake issue, though we might have to wait for parts from Spokane later this afternoon.  Looks like a good chance for getting on the road tomorrow morning!

UPDATE #2:  The brakes won’t be finished until after 5 PM today, so Banjo Man–still sick with a head cold– is in town hanging out at the library for the day.  Looks like we’ll be lucky to get to Missoula Tuesday night… but at least we don’t have to buy a new car.

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