september with sarge

Last week Sarge arrived.  Uncle GL and Banjo Man were very excited, because having Sarge around means getting stuff done.

See how happy they are?

See how happy they are?

There were lots of hugs.


(I took these pictures on my new I-phone.  I can’t believe how much fun it is, at least I get back to Rhode Island and the Dead Cell Zone).

There was work.


Getting ready to go up the mountain.


Banjo Man makes sure the sandwiches are stored safely in the back of the car.


Is it possible to have any more fun than this????


Up at four, in the woods all day, a big meal and then…a nap.

I’m happy to have  Sarge around, too.  He is eating all of the food in the freezer and I need to empty the freezer as soon as possible.  The days here at the lake are winding down and there is a lot to do before heading back east.

I was up at four-thirty this morning, making lists in my head and needing to write it all down so I wouldn’t forget.

Coffee tastes really, really good at four-thirty in the morning.

And now I have a list for Sarge…if I can get him off the mountain for a couple of hours.

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2 Responses to september with sarge

  1. Sharon says:

    Your grandson will want to rush back to the lake when he sees the picture of Uncle Sarge operating that John Deere tractor! Looks like fun!

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