hurricane coming?

It looks like we didn’t purchase our generator in time for the first hurricane.  We might get hit with Hurricane Joaquin late Sunday night.

And there’s no time to order the generator and get it hooked into our electric and propane systems by Sunday.

Plan B:  fill water jugs, buy batteries, check the food supplies.

I’m still unpacking, so this is a little too much to think about right now.

Here are some pictures from the last day on the road:

Banjo Man packs up his stuff for the last day on the road.

Banjo Man packs up his stuff for the last day on the road.


Interesting New York beer seen in a gas station.

The unpacking is going slowly.  I keep taking breaks, checking email, making coffee, doing laundry, researching generators, buying sewing machine lights and reading the news.

Here’s what I just ordered on Amazon.

sewing machine light

 I saw it in the quilting store in Sioux City, Iowa.  Little LED lights stick to the underside of the machine.

Pure genius.

I love to machine quilt, but having enough light to see what I’m doing (especially when I’m using extra-fine white thread on white fabric) is always an issue.

I’ve even watched a you tube video on how to install it.

Oh, yes, such a productive day….

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2 Responses to hurricane coming?

  1. Patricia Coughlin says:

    Those lights are pure genius. What a difference they’ll make. Thanks for the rec.

  2. Connie says:

    Never a dull moment. Hang in there. I like the light idea.

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