goodbye hurricane, hello sun

The hurricane went somewhere else.  I stopped paying attention to the tv weathermen right after I heard we weren’t going to get hit.


It has rained for days, though.  Friday was one of those “better build an ark” kinds of rainy days, the kind we longed for last summer during the long weeks of fire danger.  But this morning we can see blue sky and sunshine.  It is very welcome!  Now we can finish unloading the car.

There is still a lot of stuff in that car.

Yesterday, despite the gray skies and wind, Banjo Man declared he wanted new dining room chairs.  He wanted comfort, he declared.

Banjo Man is all about comfort.  Did I tell you he drives while sitting on a high-density foam pillow he cut to fit his flat-bottomed bottom?

So off we went to several consignment stores, where I hoped against hope that we would find something lovely and sufficiently comfortable.  But that was not to be–I knew it would be almost impossible–so we ended up far away in the Big Suburbs at the biggest furniture store in the state.

At the consignment stores I bought five old parfait dishes and Banjo Man bought a hatchet.

Yes, a hatchet.

But he didn’t ask me why I needed parfait glasses so I didn’t ask why he needed a hatchet and that is why we have stay married for 45 years, right?

Here he is posing in front of the pumpkin house at the giant furniture store.  Look how happy he is at the prospect of new furniture!


Oops. I-phone didn’t focus.

I tried not to hyperventilate or behave badly, as I did during  the new sofa shopping fiasco of 2011.  Click here to read all about it.

Here’s what we decided upon.


The teal/brown fabric sample on the beige chair is what we picked out.

Then–giddy with relief– I sent a text message to my daughter saying I bought new dining room chairs, but to be funny I sent this pic:


I knew she’d assume I bought four of the blue ones and would have to pretend they were perfect.


The joke was on me when ten minutes later she showed up at the furniture store.  She was between jobs nearby and couldn’t resist racing over to the store to see if we had lost our minds.

To be fair, I have bought dozens of very weird chairs in my life and she had a right to be concerned.

But it was still funny.

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